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The Other Mr. T

A Walk Upon Life's Stage

Hello and welcome to my website. I try to keep the site as updated as possible, but alas, sometimes my schedule doesn't allow it. My name is Dan Treharne and I teach theatre at Kings Mountain High School in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The fall will mark the beginning of my fourth year at Kings Mountain High School. In that time, the department has grown from about 100 to about 230 enrolled theatre students. The bug has caught and hopefully will keep spreading.

If there is more you want to know about me or my life, look on the site. I'm pretty much open about most things that can be discussed in polite society. If you don't find it here, check my weblog on Xanga. Now I also have a spot on MySpace. I hope you find this site entertaining - even if you laugh at it and not from it.
Also, please let me know of glaring errors. Little niggling comments about the past perfect participle on page two, paragraph three will probably get ignored and laughed at openly.  Anyway, enjoy your perusal and please sign my guestbook so I know all the cool people who visit the site. Tell me what you think.


Webpage Updates and Status:

8-2-06: Added some more bits of wisdom that popped in my head or I read today.

7-29-06: After 26 years, my resume and list of plays I've done is up. Take a look if you are interested in what I've done.

7-26-06: Got rid of Links section (if you want to know about the stuff I'm in, the sites are easy to find) and added a quotes page.

7-26-06: Finally remembered my password and updated homepage information, some favorites, and summer info on the bio page.

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